Hídrica Consultores

Projects in progress

Hídrica Consultores

Projects Implemented

Hydrogeological Sectorization of the Laja River Aquifer, BioBío Region, for the General Water Directorate.

Technical Assistance for the Sectorization of Aquifers in Calama, for the Dirección General de Aguas.

Las Canelas Water Supply Alternatives Study, IV Region, for Aguas del Valle.

Investigation of High Volume and Low Recharge Level Aquifers in the Northern Zone, for the Dirección General de Aguas.

Estimation of Current Demand, Future Projections and Characterization of the Quality of Water Resources in Chile, for the General Directorate of Water.

Hydrogeological Modeling of East Wall - Las Tórtolas Dam, for Robertson Geoconsultant. Client Angloamerican.

Regional Model downstream Tranque El Torito, for Robertson Geoconsultant. Principal Angloamerican.

Hydrogeological Baseline for Playa Verde Project EIA, for MyF Consultores.

El Soldado Tailings Deposit Flow Model, for KRAL Consultores.

Study and design of intra- and extra-prefarm irrigation for 564 hectares, for Minera Los Pelambres.

Numerical Modeling for Hydrogeological Study of Renca Plant, Embotelladora Andina, for Aquaconsult.

Hydrogeological Study, Simulation Model and pumping wells Bollenar Dam, O'higgins Region, for SMI Ingenieros.

Expert Advisor in Review of Hydrogeological Models for Ovejería Dam, for Codelco Andina.

Expert Advisor in Hydrogeological Model Review, for Minera Candelaria, Aquaconsult.

Hydrogeological feasibility report for seawater collection in La Luna beach, for Aguas Santiago Norte.

Environmental Sanitation Study for the La Higuerita Hydroelectric Project, for Salfacorp

Analysis of the effect on the water regime due to changes in meteorological patterns, for Dirección General de Aguas.

Hydrogeological study for the project "Design and Environmental Impact Study of Gualleco Dam, Maule Region", for SMI Ingenieros. Client Works Management

Hydrogeological Study for the project "Technical, Environmental and Economic Studies of Small Reservoirs, Libertador B. O'Higgins", for SMI Ingenieros. Client Hydraulic Works Directorate - MOP.

Joint Surface and Groundwater System Modeling for the project "Feasibility Study for the Construction of Canelillo Dam, Choapa Province, Coquimbo Region", for SMI Ingenieros. Client Hydraulic Works Directorate - MOP.

Cuncumén Agricultural Strengthening Program, Water Efficiency Subprogram, Design of Intra and Extra Predial Irrigation Systems, for Fundación Minera Los Pelambres.

Groundwater Level Descent Analysis, Chacabuco Polpaico Sector, for Robertson Geoconsultant. Client Angloamerican.

Preparation of Addendum 2, Andina 244 Expansion Project in the Water Resources area, for CODELCO Vice-Presidency of Projects.

Hydrogeological modeling of Los Choros Creek in the Puquios project sector, for Aquaconsult